Capacity Building and Shelter Expansion Project

Every day, we have to turn women and their children away because our beds are full. Help us “extend the branch” and double the number of families we serve by donating to our capacity building and shelter expansion project. The Extend the Branch campaign will fund a 3,500-square-foot addition and renovations to our current facility as well as create a building preservation fund for maintenance and repairs once the project is complete.

Campaign Goals and Progress

We are aiming to raise $1 million to fund the capacity building and shelter expansion project, as well as create a building preservation fund for maintenance and repairs once the project is complete.

$960,000 of $1,000,000

Last updated: September 15, 2020

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Project Overview

Once the capacity building and shelter expansion project is complete, our Shelter will include the following elements:

  • Ten new single guest bedrooms, including a handicap-accessible suite

  • Guest bedrooms designed to accommodate families

  • 24-hour staffing suites (for volunteer, staff or social work/nursing intern)

  • New and upgraded bathrooms for guests, staff and visitors

  • Private intake and counseling office

  • Conference room

  • Expanded kitchen, dining and living room areas

  • Two spacious laundry rooms

  • Children’s playroom

  • Exercise room/meditation space

  • Food and supply storage areas

  • Renovated office space

  • “Enviro-closet,” to prevent bedbug infestation from newly arriving guests

  • Updates and upgrades to existing building to improve energy efficiency, safety and comfort

  • Additional parking

Mustard Seed Expansion Floor Plan
Tammy Baker

“The pieces of my life came together at Mustard Seed Shelter. I was able to build my life, and it was the love I found there that made all the difference.”

– Tammy Baker, former guest

The seeds of our Extend the Branch capacity building and shelter expansion project were planted in 2015 following a backyard barbecue and the efforts of a grateful former guest.

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Project Timeline

Our Supporters

Thank You to All of Our Donors and Partners!

The Extend the Branch Campaign is truly a community effort – nearly 200 individual donors have given to the project so far and we have formed countless new partnerships through the process. Each and every gift will make a difference and help us reach our goal.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Platinum     $50,000+

  • Diamond     $25,000-$49,999

  • Gold            $10,000-$24,999

  • Silver           $5,000-$9,999

  • Bronze        $1,000-$4,999

  • Copper       Up to $999

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Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow Foundation
R.C. Hendrick & Son, Inc.
Dave & Lori Pendleton
Patricia A. Shaheen Family
Sunshine Lady Foundation
Harvey Randall Wickes Foundation
Catholic Diocese of Saginaw
Richard J. Garber Foundation
Allen E. & Marie A. Nickless Foundation
Schaefer Family Foundation
SVSU Student Association BOV 2017
Wickson-Link Memorial Foundation
B+B Marketing Communications
John and Sharon Benson
Dow Chemical Foundation
Jim Jaime
Mike’s Wrecker/Moving & Storage
Kraig & Sarah Pendleton
Saginaw Society for Crippled Children
SC Johnson
Charlie Wargel Project Manager

Wolohan Family Foundation

Ascension Lutheran
Builders First Source
Jeanne Murphy Causley
Diocese of Saginaw
St. Dominic Parish
Horizons Conference Center
Howard Structural Steel
Independent Bank
Richard A. Mansfield & Erlene Mansfield Charitable Trust
Vincente Martinez
Mercantile Bank
Michigan Pipe & Valve
Morley  Companies
Harry A. & Margaret D. Towsley Foundation
Women in Leadership GLBR
Gerry B. Bishop
Gloria Byrne
Blessed Trinity Catholic Church
Builders First Source
Case Funeral Home
Century 21
DML Management
EZ Pro Delivery
Rev. James Falsey
Frankenmuth Insurance Charitable Foundation
Fullerton Tool
Future Insurance Agency
Garber Management Group
Graham Construction
Grapp Lerash
Hausbeck Pickle Company
Deborah Huntley
Independent Bank
Rev. Jack Johnson
Jolt Credit Union
Phyllis Meek
Carmen Mora
Michael & Kathryn Neuchterlein
Nacarato Family
Samuel Nacarato
Rittmueller Real Property LLC
Saginaw Community  Foundation
Saginaw Leadership Cares
David Sawchuck
Ruth & Dick Schomaker
Laurie Shell
Duane Siler Inc.
Skorupski Family Funeral Home
SSP Associates Inc.
Laura Stoeckel
Patricia Stratton
Matthew & Cecelia Sullivan
Thieme Family Foundation
Tri-Star Trust Bank

Lynnette Albosta

Altrusa Club of Saginaw
Julaine Amman
Ronald & Joanne Barry
Raymond & Karen Bartels

Kathaleen Bauman

James & Susan Berghoff

Billy’s Contracting
Larry & Maureen Bishop
Jeremy Bockelman
Jeff & Kathy Bonn
James & Mildred Bourdow
Robert & Lonne Brown
Robert & Andrea Burditt
George Burrows
Gloria Byrne

Reid Calcott
Mary Lou & William Snyder Case
Bonnie & Nicole Cavendish
Sandra Cilek
Hon. Terry Clark
Julienne Coenis

COPOCO Credit Union

A.C. Coppolino Insurance Agency

Anthony & Geraldine D’Anna
Martha Daumas
David & Joyce Dekarske
James & Denise Dekett

Dan & Michelle Drapp
Michael & Martha Ducham

Kathryn Foster Dupuis
James & Cheryl Dwyer
Fred & Lori Eberling

Emmaus House of Saginaw

Exchange Club of Saginaw
Sigrid Ewers
Gary & Nancy Fahndrich
First Presbyterian Church of Taymouth
Catherine Fobes
Fordney Club
Gerald & Rita Fortin
Christopher & Louis Furlo
Michele & Shirley Gadd
Lawrence & Rebecca Gallo
Librado & Christina Gayton
Ralph & Margaret Gonzales
Mark & Jane Grzegorczyk
James & Mary Grzesiak
Robert & Elizabeth Hare
Mike & Debbie Haremski
William & Kristine Hartl
Ruth Hatcher
Deborah & Lynn Hensley
C & R Hisson-Kruger

Gabriella Hoffman
Betty Horner
Michael & Georgette Howko
James & Barbara Jackson
Brian Jackson
Judy Jackson
James Jenkins
Frank & Mary Ann Johnson
Nancy Johnson

Lillian Jones-Thomas

Charles & Sue Kaltenbach
Frederick Kawka
Mary Kelly
Murel & Susan Kessler
David & Betty Kiefer

Dr. Nikolai & Dr. Lioudmila Kinachtchouk
Carl King
Terri Kohler
Mark & Carol Kraynak
Joseph & Sueann Kwaiser
Cynthia LaMarre
Linda Lewis
Ronald & Jean Lickly
Lawrence Lonsway
Robert & Cathryn Looby
Carol Lopez
Kathryn Macmillan
In honor of Margaret Mahoney McNew
Joseph & Ruth Malek
Nancy Martin
Barbara McDonald
Mavis McLean
Mary & Mary Beth Moeller
Donald & Helen Morse

John Nelson
Rose Nickodemus
Peter Nowosad
Larry & Karen Nuechterlein

Oracle Brewing Company LLC
Daniel & Dawn Ozark
Jessica Parrott

Peace Lutheran Church
Kay Pearson
Charles & Veronica Pelzer

Portraits by Gregg
David Potts
Ellen Redfield
John & Mary Riegle
Michael Roberts
William & Margaret Roberts
Leo & Maria Romo
Joseph & Elizabeth Rousseau
Thomas & Donna Rudy
John & Elinor Rudy
James Rummler

Saginaw Council 43

Saginaw Lawyers’ Auxiliary

St. Francis de Sales Parish
Dr. & Mrs. Galileo Sarmiento
David & Karen Schimmel
Joseph & Ann Marie Schoren

Scottish Inn
Joseph & Linda Sedlock
Jacob Shinner

Eve & Matthew Shuler

Shuler Automotive
Mary Siegreen
Kenneth & Kelly Siems
Jane Sills
Pari & Mark Sitarski
Gustave & Frances Skapek
DJ & CA Skolnik
Otto & Colette Sonefeld
Duane & Sue Ellen Spaedt
Edward Jr & Geralyn Stelzer
Ronald & Mary Stetler
Charles & Judith Stuart
Leona Sullivan

Megan Sullivan
Patrick & Sally Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan

Superior Vault Company
Robert & Margaret Susalla
Swan Valley United Methodist Church
Julie Swieczkowski
R & J Tanner
Dale & Mary Ellen Tithof
Bernard & Yvonne Topham
Gust & Martha Triantafillou
Rose Vallier
Gerry VanSickle
Pearl Vasher
L.P. Vescio
Kevin & Nancy Waier
Warner Norcross & Judd LLC

Bradley & Mary Kay Wiechelman
Ross & Kim Winchell
Everett & Patricia Woods
Joyce Zolinski

“The best part of my day is meeting Jesus in these women and walking alongside them as they rebuild their lives. The hardest part is the five or six calls a day we get from women we have to turn away.” 

– Amy Bartels Roe, Director, Mustard Seed Shelter