Every year, when one of us sits down to write the Mustard Seed Mother’s Day letter, our thoughts turn to our guests – the more than 1,200 women and children we have served since our founding in 1995. That’s 1,200 stories of homelessness transformed to stories of hope.

Every woman who walks through our door has a story. Some would take your breath away. All too often, they are filled with unimaginable sadness, pain and loss. No matter how homelessness became a part of their story, our guests come to us ready for a new life – a new story. This is who we are serving and making a difference with every day.

We start by welcoming them to a loving home, and we love them unconditionally. We tell them they have value. And that our community needs them. We provide a safe place to heal and grow, listening ears, strong shoulders and loving hugs. Thanks to generous donors like you, we are able to give them hope for a better tomorrow.

As I write this year’s message, there are 12 guests in our home. Nine women and three children. That will change tomorrow, as Stephanie moves into a new apartment. Daily we answer calls, emails and Facebook messages asking about available beds, and I know there will be a new guest taking her place within a few days … or hours.

I am thrilled to see Stephanie begin this next chapter in her life. Your donation to Mustard Seed Shelter can be a meaningful gift to someone who has made a difference in your life. Use one of the downloadable cards here to give to your honoree. Or, if you prefer, write a message to a current or future guest and pop it in the mail or take a photo of it and email to info@themustardseedshelter.org.

On behalf of all of the women and children we serve and whose stories we are honored to share, thank you for your continued support.

Amy Bartels Roe
Executive Director

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