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“The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed . . . the smallest of all seeds but becomes the biggest, so that the birds in the air shelter in its branches.” (Matthew 13: 31-32)

Thank you for the opportunity to provide some information on Mustard Seed Shelter. We have been blessed to serve more than 1,000 homeless women and their children during our 22 years of existence.

Each woman arrives with a multitude of issues. By the time they get to us they have experienced many endings. Their electricity has been shut off. They have been evicted. They have not taken care of themselves. They need dental health care or mental health care. They’ve burned all bridges with their family and friends.

This is where we come in. Mustard Seed Shelter provides the basics such as shelter, food and a caring home environment, plus we go beyond what most shelters are able to do. Because we are a smaller shelter, we have the opportunity to help women rebuild their lives by helping them deal with the crisis situation and the core reasons that brought them to their homelessness. We assist women to access the services they need to turn their lives around such as counseling, psychiatric evaluations, prescriptions, legal services, recovery meetings, life skills groups, one-on-one sessions with a Masters level social worker, medical services and much more.

While we have been able to do a lot with donations from individuals, churches and businesses, there is much more to be done. This is why we need your help. Your donation means that more homeless women and children will be able to get the services they need. We are proud to report that 95 percent of every dollar you give goes directly to the program.

Amy Bartels Roe